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Sponsorship and Partnership

Kings and Valkyries is a basketball family that want to reach out and make a difference.
We want to be a pillar if the community, recognized for its input and distribution of talent and support. We aim to have a diverse approach and extend the Kings/Valkyries branch throughout the Manchester and Salford area.


We currently have:

3 Men’s Teams

2 Women’s Teams

5 Junior Team

Community Sessions


In addition to these plans, we will be looking to expand our community program by running more junior programmes for players under12s and looking to emerge as one of the premier basketball clubs in the Manchester area, then the North-West Region. 


So far, we have been working within the club with minimal support, we feel that we would like a brand that matches the ambition of the Manchester Kings & Valkyries Basketball Cub, who wants to make a difference in the community and provide opportunity and a sponsorship deal that will be deemed useful for both Sponsor and the Manchester Kings & Valkyries Basketball program. We can promote our sponsor’s company/business by advertising their logo on our kits, website and social media aswel as advertisement posters and banners at games. As we play matches and tournaments within the local area and across the North West Region, our advertisements would be recognised by many.

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