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About Us

Manchester Kings and Valkyries Basketball a brand new club to Manchester. Started in 2018 the aim is to become one of the next biggest club in the city. The aim is to present as many opportunity in basketball to players at all levels. We shall deliver a diverse approach to opening basketball to all communities we can. We have extremely enthusiastic members and coaching staff that want to make a change.

What is Manchester Kings about?

Kings and Valkyries is a basketball family that want to reach out and make a difference.
We want to be a pillar if the community, recognized for its input and distribution of talent and support. We aim to have a diverse approach and extend the Kings/Valkyries branch throughout the Manchester area.

Women's Basketball

Valkyries is the women's basketball programme. The team has direct connection to the University of Manchester women's team. These players are not just about the game, they aim to be faces of community outreach, bringing in camps, coaching and community activities. We aim to encourage more female coaching and opportunity.

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Manchester Hammers Trials
Manchester Hammers Trials
01 Oct, 15:00 – 17:30
Manchester Academy,
Moss Ln E, Moss Side, Manchester M14 4PX, UK